Add an admin user#

What can admin users do?#

JupyterHub has admin users who have the following capabilities:

  1. Access & modify all other users’ home directories (where all their work is kept)

  2. Mark other users as admin users

  3. Start / Stop other users’ servers

These are all powerful & disruptive capabilities, so be careful who gets admin access!

Adding / removing an admin user#

  1. Pick the hub you want to make a user an admin of.

  2. Find the config directory for the hub, and open common.yaml in there.

  3. Add / remove the admin user name from the list jupyterhub.auth.admin.users. Make sure there is an explanatory comment nearby that lists why this user is an admin. This helps us remove admins when they no longer need admin access.

  4. Follow the steps to make a deployment