User Authentication#

UC Berkeley uses a Canvas instance, called Almost all our hubs use this for authentication, although not all yet (issue)).

Who has access?#

Anyone who can log in to bcourses can log into our JupyterHubs. This includes all berkeley affiliates. If you have a working email account, you can most likely log in to bcourses, and hence to our JupyterHubs.

Students have access for 9 months after they graduate. If they have an incomplete, they have 13 months of access instead.

Non-berkeley affiliates#

If someone who doesn’t have a account wants to use the JupyterHubs, they need to get a CalNet Sponsored Guest account This gives people access to bcourses, and hence to all the JupyterHubs.


If you can log in to bcourses but not to any of the JupyterHubs, please contact us.

If you can not log in to bcourses, please contact bcourses support