Services Offered#

This page lists the various services we offer as part of DataHub. Not all these will be available on all hubs, but we can easily enable them as you wish.

User Interfaces#

Our diverse user population has diverse needs, so we offer many different user interfaces for instructors to choose from.

Jupyter Notebook (Classic)#

What many people mean when they say ‘Jupyter’, this familiar interface is used by default for most of our introductory classes. Document oriented, no-frills, and well known by a lot of people.


RStudio Screenshot

We want to provide first class support for teaching with R, which means providing strong support for RStudio. This includes Shiny support.

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Do complex layouts with JupyterLab

JupyterLab is a more modern version of the classic Jupyter notebook from the Jupyter project. It is more customizable and better supports some advanced use cases. Many of our more advanced classes use this, and we might help all classes move to this once there is a simpler document oriented mode available

Linux Desktop (Experimental)#

Do image processing with qt

Sometimes, you just need to use something that requires a full desktop environment to run. Instead of trying to get students to install things locally, we offer a full fledged Linux Desktop environment they can access from inside their browser! This is just a different ‘UI’ on the same infrastructure as the notebook environment, so they all use the same libraries and home directories.

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Visual Studio Code (Experimental)#

Compile C with vscode

Sometimes you just want an IDE, not a notebook environment. We are experimenting with a hosted, web version of the popular Visual Studio Code editor, to see if it would be useful for teaching more traditional CS classes.

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If you have a web based environment, we can almost certainly make it run under a hub. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do :)


Sometimes you need something custom to get your class going. Very very interesting things can happen here, so we’re always looking for new services to add.


Some of our classes require using real databases to teach. We now experimentally offer a postgresql server for each user on the data100 hub.

The data does not persist right now, but we can turn that on whenever needed.

Programming languages#

We support the usual suspects - Python, R & Julia. However, there are no limits to what languages we can actually support, so if you are planning on using a different (open source) programming language, contact us and we’ll set you up.


We want to find solution to your interesting problems, so please bring us your interesting problems 😁